Honey Do's

Published on 12/8/2016

Honey-Do’s that get completed will make your wife very happy. Completed is the focus here. Hey Fellas! I’m talking to all of those married guys out there. Instead of giving your wife over-priced red roses,  or boxes of mystery chocolates, how about working on that list of Honey-Do’s. You know that extra bedroom your wife has been talking about converting into a personal gym, office, or art studio? Now is the perfect time to thrill her with completing that and getting it off the list of Honey-Do’s.

Restaurant TableExpensive dinners where you have to wait in line way too long for bad service and sub-par menu options are not today’s answer to happiness at home. Honey-Do’s is a far better solution. Don’t believe me? Ask her what she would rather have. You may be surprised when you find out I am right on this one. Try something different. You can make those dreams come true for her! Its so simple! Get out your list of Honey-Do’s and make her happy. If you have lost your list, just ask her for hers and watch the look of joy appear upon her face.

 Find a small storage space locally. Prices start as low as $30 a month on some sizes and if you rent from High Point Storage you can even use our moving truck for FREE to get your stuff moved! You’ll be able to de-clutter that extra bedroom in no time at all and she’ll have the extra space she’s been craving! So don’t be “that guy” again this year. Set yourself apart by doing something that you know she really wants!