Storing Appliances

Published on 3/22/2019

Storing appliances with your other household goods can be a mess, but if you follow these steps you are sure to have a good experience.

Step 1. Defrost your refrigerator and deep freezers. Be sure to dry them completely, inside and out. As an extra measure, I even like to place a small tub of Damp Rid inside to absorb any latent moisture. Some people like to store their refrigerators with the doors open but if you use my Damp Rid trick, it should be fine to close the door.

Step 2. Thoroughly clean all appliances. Any food left in or on an appliance can attract bugs and rodents. So, you will need to remove all food trash and crumbs and thoroughly wipe the appliances down inside and out. I find that Clorox bleach or Lysol wipes work best for this.
Step 3. Appliances can really take up a lot of space in your storage unit. So, maximize your space by filling your appliances with other items that need to be stored. Just box or bag your personal items and place them inside the open space. Trash bags full of stuffed animals, comforters and pillows make the most sense when packing your washer and dryer, because those items take up a lot of space but they are easy to stuff into awkward spaces.
Step 4. Cover your small appliance with a blanket and wrap in Saran wrap to keep them nice and dry if you are storing them in a non-climatized unit for any length of time. A climate controlled unit is always the best choice because it is the best guard against moisture, bugs, heat and cold.
Step 5. Don’t forget to utilize the space on top of your appliances. Things like deep freezers, washers and dryers or super sturdy, so stack some boxes on top of them but be careful not to stack so high that you are putting yourself or others in danger. You should never lift your boxes overhead. If you need to store something a little higher, be sure to use a step stool or small ladder to reach the space.

I hope this was helpful. Have a blessed day and look for my next post in April.